Aquatics 2023

Each year our year 5 and 6 students are involved in the Water Safety and Aquatics program at Pt Noarlunga Beach. The year 5 students work in groups to learn about safety in the ocean. They get to experience activities in groups and learn how to help themselves and others when swimming at the beach. Students had a great time exploring the water, playing games in the surf and had a go at snorkelling.
Year 6 students have an opportunity to try different aquatic events. The activities they could choose included surfing, body boarding, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling. Students were able to work in small groups with trained instructors to stretch themselves and try new things. It was fantastic to see students standing up on paddle boards (and falling in), kayaking under the bridge and investigating the reef. Some students even saw a seahorse or two.
Aquatics is a great way for students to experience new activities, communicate with new people and challenge themselves in the activities.
Once again there was some great feedback from the instructors about our students. They were impressed with their manners and ability to try new things. Well done to all students, it was a great day!