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Welcome to Sheidow Park School

Sheidow Park School is a dual stream school offering both Mainstream and Steiner Education. 

We strongly value community and acknowledge the very important role you play in your child’s education.

We look forward to building positive working relationships with individual families so that we can all take responsibility for each student’s learning journey.

We value your involvement and contribution to the school community and we look forward to establishing strong links between home and school.

A positive relationship with the school will contribute towards your child’s level of motivation, achievement and success.

We also value open lines of respectful communication and encourage families to discuss learning or other issues with teachers or leadership as soon as they arise.

At the heart of Sheidow Park School philosophy is providing quality teaching and learning in a positive learning environment which is intellectually challenging, rich in experiences and caters for the full range of student abilities and backgrounds.

Teaching and learning at Sheidow Park School is designed on contemporary, evidence-based pedagogy that incorporates the Teaching for Effective Learning framework, Learning Design and Moderation Strategy and trauma informed practice.

It is differentiated to suit the needs of all learners. We offer a dual stream school that has both Mainstream and Steiner Education.
We pride ourselves on a village atmosphere where our families feel welcome.

We are well supported by our community, and we foster an atmosphere which encourages their involvement.

Our Values: Respect, Responsibility, Persistence – with an emphasis on ‘One School, One Vision’, to incorporate both Mainstream and Steiner Education.

We look forward to working with you towards a common goal of helping your child reach their true potential.

Please continue to look at our website and if you have any enrolment enquiries, we hold regular school tours by appointment. If you are interested, please call the school on 83818911 or book a tour using the Contact Us form below.

Jo Miller

Our Vision

At Sheidow Park School, teachers facilitate engaging teaching and learning experiences with appropriate challenge and ongoing assessment. This is done within a safe classroom environment, where students can voice their opinions and take risks with their learning.

Students are aware of and encouraged to question and persist through the journey of their learning. Teachers and students have joint ownership of the learning environment, incorporating prior knowledge and interests with the understanding that mistakes are part of effective learning.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Persistence

Our History



Sheidow Park School was opened in February 1980 and is an established R-7 School with a current enrolment of approximately 400 students.


Steiner Education

In 2015 we introduced Steiner Education as an option for student Education. Sheidow Park is relatively secluded, as it is bounded by highways, established housing and the Southbank subdivision. It is well serviced by public transport, local shopping and community resources. The school is exceptionally well-resourced and there is strong parental interest and involvement in school sport, classroom programs and school administration.

Our School Numbers

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Are you still worrying about which education stream is right for your child Or you cannot find the ideal answer for some questions in your mind?

Here, at Sheidow Park we care about you as much as about your children. Please let us know if there is something bothering you, we are always here to help.