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Jun 28 2021


Recycling Update 

The Environmental Executives and Juniors, have recently introduced soft plastics recycling to our recycling program. Each classroom now has their own Bin Shift soft plastics bin which is emptied and transported to be recycled by a member of the Environmental group once a week (on a Friday).

The bins are user friendly and have pictures and descriptions of items that can go into them to help the students. Please remind your children that only dry, crum free items can go into them. That is empty chip packets, granola bar wrappers, zip lock bags etc.

We will keep track of the amount of soft plastics that are collected every week and aim to reduce it over the year. The bins are only for soft plastic waste on site so please do not send your soft plastics from home.

Thank you for your donations of sheets and quilt covers for our rag rug. We are slowly knotting a gorgeous multicoloured rug for all students to enjoy in the library.

The Environmental Executive would like to see a decrease in the amount of litter in our school and an increase in the amount of recycling that takes place. Part of our solution includes the introduction of a Green Walk. The Green Walk is a whole school activity that takes place every Thursday after lunch. It involves all students walking around the school and picking up litter. First students pick up litter, then they take it to the appropriate bins for recycling/composting etc. We look forward to a cleaner, greener school. Some of the Junior Executives volunteered to make posters to help remind teachers and students. Posters will be put up around the school soon.

We are also working on a recycling/upcycling project where we collect used, wooden toothbrushes and turn them into needles for making rugs. We would love you to bring any clean (second hand) sheets and quilt covers for us to turn into rugs as well as used wooden toothbrushes . We have some white sheets and quilt covers and would like donations of colourful ones too. The more colours the better for making rugs.

Many thanks

The Environmental Executive 

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