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Aquatics Day Featured

Apr 15 2021

    Aquatics Day 2021

    All 66 kids were so excited, standing there waiting for the bus to arrive and take us to aquatics. As we climbed on the bus, we were ready to have fun in the water and learn new skills. When we got there, we were all so pumped and happy to be at the beach! We went to our instructors, they gave us our wetsuits, and we spent 10 minutes trying to get them on. It was tricky but at the same time was very fun. We all started at the river and did either kayaking, paddle boarding or fishing.
    There were a couple crashes between the kayaks, but we soon got the hang of it.
    After that, we had a 30-minute break for recess and chatted about all the fun we had already had.
    Then we moved to the ocean and did surfing or boogie boarding. The waves were gigantic and many people got dumped, but it added to the adrenaline of it all! It was a 20 minute walk back along the beach to have our lunch break.
    Then we went on to are last activity and by then we were all pretty exhausted but we still had fun. On the bus back we all nearly fell asleep because we were so warn out. It was one of the best days we ever had!

    Students ready to enter the water

    Canoeing in the safety of the estuary.