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Our vision, values and history

Our Vision

At Sheidow Park School, teachers facilitate engaging teaching and learning experiences with appropriate challenge and ongoing assessment. This is done within a safe classroom environment, where students can voice their opinions and take risks with their learning.

Students are aware of and encouraged to question and persist through the journey of their learning. Teachers and students have joint ownership of the learning environment, incorporating prior knowledge and interests with the understanding that mistakes are part of effective learning.

Our values

Respect, Responsibility
and Persistence



Sheidow Park School was opened in February 1980 and is an established R-7 School with a current enrolment of approximately 400 students.

In 2015 we introduced Steiner Education as an option for student Education. Sheidow Park is relatively secluded, as it is bounded by highways, established housing and the Southbank subdivision. It is well serviced by public transport, local shopping and community resources. The school is exceptionally well-resourced and there is strong parental interest and involvement in school sport, classroom programs and school administration.

Sheidow Park Primary School Staff

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jennie-Marie Gorman


Jo Miller

Deputy Principal

Meet Our Teachers

Andrea Bowen

Early Years Teacher

Rebbeca Kemmery

Early Years Teacher

Melissa Howard

Early Years Teacher

Christine McKenzie

Early Years Teacher

Jess Cameron

Steiner Teacher

Pru Mangos

Steiner Teacher

Jami Kriel

Steiner Teacher

Linda Waters

Steiner Teacher

Anna Sharman

Early Years Teacher

Ellen Petropouleas

Early Years Teacher

Melinda Prowse

Primary Teacher

Brianna Hourigan

Primary Teacher

Andrew Grant

Primary Teacher

Trish Gilbert

Primary Teacher

Ashley Howland

Primary Teacher

Laura Polley

Primary Teacher

Clodia Porteous

Steiner Teacher

Andrew Bentley

Steiner Teacher

Damien Gilroy

Steiner Teacher

Sara Husi

Physical Education Teacher

Renae Garner

Japanese Teacher

Sachiyo Yokoi

Japanese Teacher

Brianna Adams

Primary Teacher

Taylor Nelson-Milton

Performing Arts Teacher

Christie Wilson


Buffy Woolcock

Craft Teacher

Meet Our SSO's (School Support Officers)

Robert McGuinness

IT Manager

Sandie Sherriff

Student Support

Bronwyn Tuohy

Student Support

Tim Mottershead

SSO & Groundsman

Karen Dwyer


Jodie Suisted

Reception /Admin

Deb Black

Student Support

Spencer Smith

Student Support

Linda Szyjko

Student Support

Michelle Winkworth

Student Support

Jodie Heycox


Deb Smith

Pastoral Care

Megan Hussey

Student Support

Brad Harvey

Student Support

Karsha Gasiorek 

Student Support


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Are you still worrying about which education stream is right for your child Or you cannot find the ideal answer for some questions in your mind?
Here, at Sheidow Park we care about you as much as about your children. Please let us know if there is something bothering you, we are always here to help.

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