At Sheidow Park School we believe that finding the right school for your child is important not only for their academic progress, but also in helping develop their social, cultural, physical and essential life skills.

We have the elements to provide an environment which can nurture each of these facets of your child’s development and give them the very best opportunity to develop into strong, creative and independent thinkers and learners. We recognise that all children learn in different ways and have different strengths to be uncovered and explored. For this reason we offer choice of curriculum, as well as positive learning environments and programs which are rich in experiences, intellectually challenging and cater well for individual learning styles, abilities and backgrounds.

We believe that a community approach to education is key to our success and we cultivate an atmosphere where we emphasise high levels of student care; an environment where community involvement is encouraged and fostered. We pride ourselves on a ‘village’ atmosphere where we know our families well. There is a strong belief that we all share in the education of our children.

We invite you to find out as much about us as you can about the learning environment we provide and discover what makes an education at Sheidow Park unique. You’ll also find plenty of useful information in our Parent Handbook or you can arrange to book a personal tour of the school to see first-hand what we have to offer. If you would like more detailed information about any aspect of school life and can’t find it here, please call us and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

We think you’ll agree it’s a great school to be a part of!


Children are able to start school at the beginning of the year if they turn 5 before 1st May of the same year. A transition program of 4 weekly visits for both parents and children to become acquainted with their new school and teacher (if possible) occurs prior to them starting. Although there is no preschool on site, we have a close association with the Trott Park Children’s Centre which is our feeder kindergarten. The contact number for Trott Park Children’s Centre is 8381 5546.
Please ring us to make an interview time or to book a tour. Uniform and Canteen information is also available in the DOWNLOADS section of this website or from our front office


Children are able to start school the year they turn 6.  This is inline with the Steiner Curriculum.