In School Programs and Tools

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an online tool that motivates students to read more
often, with a focus on comprehension and at a level that is appropriate to them.
It is used as part of the uninterrupted reading time for Years 3-7 each day to motivate and extend students to their maximum reading potential.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills. At Sheidow Park all Junior Primary teachers use the Jolly Phonics programme, and with excellent results.

Gymnastics R-7 Program

Gymnastics is taught from Reception to Year 7.
The children learn basic gymnastics skills in Reception to more advanced skills in years 5-7.
Skills taught are:

  • Landings
  • Statics
  • Swing
  • Rotations
  • Spring Height
  • Flight

Gymnastics contributes to muscular endurance, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance.
The classes are structured so that every child can participate, have fun and achieve.
All classes are taught by Michelle Winkworth, a level 1 qualified gymnastics coach.

Premier’s Be Active Challenge

Premier’s Reading Challenge

A literacy engagement program that was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading and to improve literacy levels. The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and early September.

Social Skills including Rock and Water, Play is the Way and Playground Assistants

Transition Pre-school to School

The Reception class provides a warm,supportive environment introducing the children to the school routines. A smooth transition from kindergarten to school is ensured through:

  • Liason with the kindergartens
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Student transition visits

Transition Primary to High School

Transition programs are run with local high schools or nominated schools throughout the year with visits and open nights before Year 7 students nominate their preferences. Our feeder high school is Seaview High School.
Here are some links to some of the secondary schools our students attend.

Intervention Programs

Children with Special Rights

Early Intervention programs have a strong emphasis and we are committed to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all Reception to Year 3 learners.

We have a number of plans to support students with Special rights including Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Speech and Phonological Awareness Programs, Literacy and Numeracy Intervention, Special Education and extensive classroom methodologies.

For students in Years 4 to 7, a range of learning support programmes are in place this includes small group work, withdrawal and support structures to best meet the learning needs of individual students.

Great care is taken to accurately report literacy and numeracy progress to parents. Improvement in literacy and numeracy levels is supported by data gathering procedures

A close working relationship exists between the school and district support services including Guidance officers, disability coordinators, speech pathologists, behaviour management support staff and counsellors to provide additional support to students at risk.

Much emphasis has been placed on providing a supportive learning environment for all involved in our school and an Anti-Bullying Policy and Grievance Procedures have been implemented. An anti-bullying audit is taken twice per year and relevant follow up provided.
Social Skill training programs through Play is the Way methodology, the Playground Assistants Program and the Rock and Water program are also implemented as part of our Learner Wellbeing Strategy. Data gathered over time supports the success of our supportive learning environment initiatives.

Creative Kids

is a program designed to address difficulties with fine motor skills of some teacher identified students from Reception to Year 2. This helps with writing, drawing and other fine moor activities.

Fun and Games

is a program which specifically addresses difficulties with gross motor skills of some teacher identified students from Reception to Year 2. The program's main focus is on building student’s confidence and self-esteem by improving their physical co-ordination.

Quicksmart Maths

QuickSmart is an extensive research program aimed at narrowing the achievement gap in Mathematics. QuickSmart works by improving basic academic skills in numeracy and is offered to identified students Years 4 – 7, as a 30 week program to improve automaticity and problem solving skills in Mathematics.

Specialist Teaching and Special Events and Activities

Asian Focus and Japanese Moon Lantern Festival/ Cherry Blossom Festival

Our school holds its own night time Moon Lantern Festival Bi-Annually as a celebration of Asian culture and the whole Sheidow Park Community is invited to join in. All students make lanterns which they parade on the night and the Trott Park Kindergarten are encouraged to participate. Senior students and parents run market stalls with a variety of Asian goods including hot foods for sale. Every year exciting new events are included in the evening of festivities and the Sheidow Park School tradition is to finish the night with an exciting fireworks display.

Physical Education Swimming Carnival/ Sports Day

School Sports Days and Swimming Carnivals are two whole school events the students really look forward to. Both events are held annually and reflect aspects of the P.E. program of the school.  At Sheidow Park Primary School, a house system has long been established. Students are allocated to a house when they start school, and all children within a family will be in the same house. The houses are:

  • Hardy Yellow
  • O’Halloran Blue
  • Reynell Red
  • Morphett Purple

Resource Centre Learning

At Sheidow Park our Resource Centre aim is to build a culture that establishes a life-long passion for reading and our collection provides an excellent support for our students in both their educational and recreational reading needs.
The Resource Centre is open each day from 8:30 am until 3:30pm (2:45pm Tuesdays)
Students may borrow up to 5 books for a period of 2 weeks which includes the holiday breaks except of course for the end of year Christmas holidays. Each class visits the Resource Centre on a weekly basis for a browse and borrow session and we would ask that junior primary students use a library bag to protect the books they borrow. Students and Parents are most welcome to come in before and after school to change their books more often if they so choose. Every Friday students with overdue books will be given a reminder notice via their teacher. If the overdue books are not returned within the next two weeks an account will be generated and sent home. Lost or damaged books will incur a fee that is a percentage of the original cost to assist in its replacement.
We actively encourage our students to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and these books are clearly marked in the three levels to assist students and parents in their selections. The Challenge finishes in September each year which gives students plenty of time to complete it.
The students of Sheidow Park School create some wonderful work in their classrooms which is displayed during the year along with our regularly changing displays. These cover a myriad of celebrations including all new books throughout the year, Australia Day, Harmony Day, Easter, Anzac Day, National Sea Week, National Reconciliation Day, Remembrance Day and our very special time of Children’s Book Week. At Christmas time our tree is covered with decorations donated by our families, under which we have collection boxes for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal and the Lonsdale Animal Shelter.
Sheidow Park School Resource Centre is a special place and look forward to your visit.

Private Music Teachers

Specialist music lessons are made available though private providers and are held on site during school hours. Contact the school for more information if you wish your child to participate. Presently piano, guitar and African drumming sessions are offered at the school, however possibilities for other music lessons to be taught are also an option. Please ring the school for more information.

Pastoral Support Worker

Sheidow Park School is fortunate to have the services of School  Pastoral Support Worker (CPSW) . A Pastoral Care Worker has special skills for working with young people and their families in the school community. In a government school, the Pastoral Support Program is primarily a service of pastoral care for students and their families, who want this support.
(Click here to find out more about the CPSW role)


Sheidow Park Primary School participates in the Festival Music choir, providing senior students with the opportunity to perform at the Festival Centre each September. This program commences in Term 1 when all Year 5/6 and 7 students participate, and during the term the choir is selected. They practise regularly until the performance. Over the past 2 years a Junior Choir has been practising and singing for enjoyment and school events


Sports Teams

Active After School Communities
Australian Rules Football
Sheidow Park combines with the local Woodend School for all Aussie Rules teams. The team is known as the WASPS. (Woodend and Sheidow Park Schools). Students must be 8 or over to play and this is a winter sport played in Terms 3 and 4.
The Cricket season for schools is Term 1 and Term 4.


The school supports a significant involvement in a range of SAPSASA (South Australian Primary School Amateur Sports Association) sports activities, mostly for students in Year 5-7. SAPSASA sports include tennis, softball, baseball, swimming, cricket, football, netball, hockey, rugby, beach volleyball and athletics and cross country and are competed at both a local and state level.